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Musical Instruments

For this first period, we chose to work on musical instruments, therefore the kids created their own instruments, and thanks to some musician parents who came into our class, we were able to hear, see and sometimes play the instrument, how lucky ! Let's have a look to our works.

Pour cette première période, nous avons choisi de travailler sur le thème suivant "les instruments de musique". Les enfants ont donc réalisé leurs propres instruments ! Grâce à certains parents musiciens qui sont intervenus dans la classe, nous avons aussi pu découvrir, voir, entendre et parfois jouer de l'instrument pour de vrai ! Quelle chance ! Voici quelques photos de nos œuvres.

The first instrument they made was the maracas ! Here, the kids are putting rice into their yoghurt pots, then they decorate it with some painting and coloured stickers.

Some art now ! The kids painted and decorated their guitar for their locker.

Charline, Nicky and Selena are playing with bells. Each colour corresponds to a sound.

Léonie, Nicky and Eliot are decorating their piano with coloured stickers. They also put their hands on it as if they were playing piano !

Here, the kids learned how to draw musical notes. They learned how to draw a circle, a straight line and a horizontal line.

Our pianists !

Olga is proud to show you her pan flute !

Here, the kids had to arrange the straws from the smallest to the biggest.

Our xylophones !

Here, the kids had to arrange the papers from the smallest to the biggest.

Our trumpets !

Our tom-tom !

Thank you to Clément and Thaïs' mom for playing the flute !

Violin with Hattie ! Thank you !

Thanks to Calypso, all the kids could try the musical saw. An amazing experience !

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