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Who are we ?

We are a primary school run by the Catholic education of the Bearn and Basque Country, also following the current education program specified by the French state. 

We welcome pupils from the age of 3, Petit Section, up to the age of 11, CM2.

All our teachers are qualified and have passed the national standard certificate.

How do we teach ?

We follow the National Education Program set out by the gouvernement. In addition to this we offer bilingualism, where we teach the day equally between English and French. Learning different languages lends itself well to all disciplines. We can also follow a program totally in English or totally in French, depending on the needs of the pupil. We embrace more innovative teaching methods: the Maternelle is inspired by Montessori, classes are more flexible with personalized pupil based learning. We pride ourselves on finding the right education for each child. Alongside this pedagogy we put a strong emphasis on sport, citizenship and the arts for every pupil.​

How do we teach religion ?

We are a Catholic School, so therefore throughout the year we celebrate four to five important Religious festivals. We teach the importance of Christian values in the way we respect others, share and show love to one another. Everyone is free to express their own faith. We propose our religious values in the knowledge that some may want to participate and others may not.​

Where are we ?

Based in Navarrenx, at the heart of the Bearn our school is linked with the secondary school Moncade in Orthez, also offering bilingualism. We have a school bus that runs daily between the two schools. ​

Important informations

School day : 8h30 - 16h30

Homework club and after school club : from 7h30 to 8h30 and from 16h30 to 18h

Extra curricular activities : Singing in English, Yoga, Pilates

School transport: several school buses offered, please contact the department for further information.

Lunch break : pupils surveyed everyday between 11h30 and 13h30

School fees: five different levels, according to your income, from 30 to 70 euros per month for 10 months.

Enrollment, visit: please contact the head master by email or telephone.


Phone number : 003359662310

or 0033624863219

Mail :

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