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  • Jonathan Siviter

Science and Technology : compte rendu des ateliers de sciences

This year children in CP – CM2 have had the opportunity to learn (at levels appropriate to their age) about robotics using Modular Robotics Cubelets, Makeblock mBots and the robotic arm xArm 1s.

They have learned that all robots need to have a source of power, be able to sense their environment using various sensors such as distance, light level detectors and temperature and to process this information to generate useful actions such as linear motion, rotation, sound generation or illumination.They have been able to control all these robots manually, with a remote control and also by uploading computer programs written in Scratch. Much has been learned and much has been enjoyed in this process!

They have also learned about electronics using the SnapCircuits educational electronics kits, one highlight of which was to construct a working FM Radio. Following on from this they have learned how to solder electronic components to a printed circuit board to make a variety of working products – including electronic thermometers, flashing lights and the hugely popular memory game “Simon”. In the weeks ahead, we hope to continue with the construction of more complicated circuits and also to be able to construct casings for these circuits made from medium or plastic using the resources of the Fab Lab at Sauveterre.

Congratulations to all the children for their efforts and successes and they can all rightly feel proud of what they have achieved. Well done!!

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